Previews: No Angel & A Few Words Too Many

No Angel

I’m working on an angry carthartic Elizabeth story from 2006, taking place in the midst of the paternity nonsense. I cannot speak for how good it’ll be, but it feels fun to write.  It’s not going to be a long story, so it’s not being officially shuffled in, but it’s something I’m writing in my off time when I get annoyed.  There is going to amazing amounts of profanity because I cannot literally think of Elizabeth’s storylines since 2006 without wanting to hurt people.

It begins the day Elizabeth goes to tell Jason about the paternity results only to find that Carly has already delivered her version of the news, so this is the beginning.

“Carly told me about the baby. That it’s Lucky’s…and you know…it’s for the best.”

Looking back, Elizabeth Spencer could pick this moment as the moment she was done with the world. She could literally feel a switch turn on in her brain. Five minutes ago, she would have thought the words coming out of Jason Morgan’s mouth would have devastated her, but instead…

She was pissed. Anger boiled in her veins. This entire experience—from the moment she had told Jason she was pregnant and that the baby might be his had been plagued by complete insanity. Her psychotic ex-husband knew about this situation, which meant it was a ticking time bomb. His trampy piece of shit girlfriend had told Nikolas, and God only knew how long he would keep it to himself.

And to top it all off…motherfucking Carly Corinthos had hightailed it over here with her poisonous lies.

Elizabeth arched her eyebrow and smirked. Jason frowned and tilted his head, looking her in that way she’d used to dream about.

Now she just wanted to throttle him.

“Well. Wasn’t that nice of Carly,” Elizabeth said, voice dripping with sweetness. “How helpful she was. It’s just a goddamn shame she couldn’t have bothered to find out the truth.”

She could tell the moment the meaning behind her words hit him, because his eyes widened ever so slightly, and his mouth dropped open. “Elizabeth—”

“But don’t worry,” Elizabeth cut in. “Because I don’t need a goddamn thing from you. My life is fucked up, I get it. I’m about to end my third marriage to my second husband and I’m about to have a second child by a second babydaddy. I get it.” She tossed her hair back. “I don’t need anything,” she repeated. “And I don’t want anything.”

“Wait a second—” Jason stepped forward. “Are you telling me—”

“I don’t know why I’m surprised,” Elizabeth said. “It’s not like you should have bothered to wait until I told you the news since it’s not like Carly hasn’t lied about paternity results before.” She tapped her chin. “Oh wait, she just did that. This year.” She reached into her purse and withdrew the paternity results. “In case you doubt me.” She flung the envelope at him, but it landed between their feet when he made no move forward.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t—”

“I may be shit out of luck when it comes to men,” Elizabeth interrupted him again. “No surprises there, but you know what? I’m fucking fantastic mother, and I’m going to prove it by getting Cameron out of my disastrous marriage and I will be damned if my second child ever feels like he was unwanted—”

“This baby is not unwanted,” Jason began, his voice tight. Like he had a goddamn right to be angry.

“No, it certainly is not. I’m so sorry,” Elizabeth snarled, “that my child is such an inconvenience to you that you think would be better for a drug addict to be its father.” She looped her purse over her shoulder. “You couldn’t wait to keep Carly’s kid away from a drunk like AJ, but its fine for my kid to be raised by a pill-popping cheating son of a bitch who threw me to the ground when I tried to walk out on him—”

“Wait, this has gotten out of hand. Elizabeth, can’t we just talk about this—”

“Too little, too late. You can apologize all you want for saying it, but you said it,” she retorted. “So we both know how you really feel. I am absolutely done with you and yours, Jason Morgan. Go to hell.”

She slammed the door behind her and decided that being angry felt so fan-fucking-tastic that she was going to ride this high straight to the nearest divorce lawyer.

She was going to set the world on fire, and she wasn’t entirely sure she didn’t mean that literally.

A Few Words Too Many

We’re about a week away from me posting the first chapter of this story (of which eleven chapters are completed and it’s over 120 pages long.)  Here’s a snippet of some fun from Chapter Three.  Elizabeth is desperately trying to avoid Ric after learning she’s pregnant, and Jason and Sonny want him out of town so he can stop harassing their people, but Sonny can’t bring himself to do it.

The numbers on the ledgers were beginning to blur together as Jason struggled to keep his focus. Three days since he’d warned Ric to get out of town, and the scum was still in his room at Kelly’s as if nothing had changed. He really thought being Sonny’s half-brother offered him protection. Sonny didn’t want him evicted because it was easier to keep an eye on him this way, but Jason just wanted to shove him in the harbor with weights on his feet. He wanted the disgusting son of a bitch to sink to the bottom struggling to breath for what he had done to Carly, to Elizabeth.

He wasn’t a man who could picture things that well, but he would never forget the hitch in Carly’s breath, the tears on her cheeks as she promised Sonny she hadn’t slept with Ric for revenge, that she honestly didn’t remember anything and that her skin felt dirty for just having been in bed with him. Carly was his best friend, for all her faults, and just for that scene alone, he wanted to dismember Ric Lansing.

But the look in Elizabeth’s eyes last Friday, as she sat on her knees, her arms wrapped around her torso as if that action alone could hold her together. She had refused to meet his eyes as he’d crouched in front of her, and pulled her to her feet. Not until the last moment, making him wish he could go against Sonny’s orders. She was wrecked, as if nothing could put her back together. She hadn’t looked that way since they’d first met and now he was powerless to do anything about it.

He closed the books and reached for his phone when it lit up. Francis. “Morgan,” he said, clenching his free hand into a fist. “Is Elizabeth okay?”

“Uh…” Elizabeth’s guard sounded hesitant. “You told me not to intervene with Lansing unless he put a hand on her, but he’s tracked her down on the Elm Street Pier, and Jason, you’re gonna wanna get down here.”

Jason was already on his feet, heading for the doors. “Is he threatening her? I’m at the warehouse, I can be there in just a few minutes.”

“He’s not…but it’s not good. And it’s going to get worse. Get here fast.”

“If he lays a finger on her, throw him in the harbor. Sonny’s orders be damned.”


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