Crimson Glass: Spotify Playlists

I cannnot write without listening to music, which is why a lot of my stories have lyrics in the opening chapters, rely on songs to build to certain points in the stories (like a montage on the show might).  I can write to almost anything, but I also love certain artists.

For example, you will see nearly every song by Lifehouse, The Fray, SafetySuit, Billie Myers, Billy Joel and Backstreet Boys on here.

I used to have one massive playlist on Spotify, but it became clear I couldn’t share them here without breaking the playlist into smaller ones because the embedded playlists only show the first 200 songs. I’ll be rotating the one in the sidebar.

These are being updated all the time (there may be some duplicates as I’ve merged some older playlists together) and I’m always finding new songs I like. These playlists are not in any kind of order beyond the order I added them to the playlist with.

Spotify has free services as well, so I definitely recommend checking it out.

Crimson Glass Playlist 001

Crimson Glass Playlist 002

Crimson Glass Playlist 003

Crimson Glass Playlist 004


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