Character Guide

This page serves a two fold purpose: One as a guide for minor characters that were on GH briefly or a long time ago as well as place for original character information.

Minor GH Characters

These are arranged by the first name of the character (except Taggart)

 Alex Garcia (1996-98)

A lieutenant with the PCPD in the late 90s. He originally took Elizabeth’s statement regarding her rape in 1998 and was briefly connected to Lily Rivera.
Notable Stories: Come Clean

 Brian Beck (2003-04)

Owned the house Courtney rented while Carly was in the coma after Sonny shot her in the head. He moved to PCPD, flirted with Courtney. Then the dumb bitch shot him in the back. He was killed in the PC Hotel fire saving lives. Rest in piece, Brian. You had such potential.
Notable Stories: I Shall Believe

Cooper Barrett (2007-08)

A member of the hostage crew at the Metro Court Hotel in 2007, a police recruit, Maxie’s boyfriend and briefly suspected of being the text message killer. In a disgusting show of bad writing, he killed himself in early 2008.
Notable Stories: A Matter of Respect

Jerry Jacks #1 (1998-99)

Once upon a time, Jerry was an adorable scamp who had a dodgy moral compass but a good nature. He’s now, for some reason, a psychopath, and the second guy is fun to watch. But sometimes I want the old one back.
Notable Stories: Spinning On An Axis

Justus Ward #1 (1994-98)

The original and the best Justus. They recast him briefly in 1998 with someone who was not enjoyable and the character faded until being recast again in 2003. Though the new actor was capable, they cast him way too young and lost some of the essence of the original. I don’t use him often since they’ve killed off the character (and let’s not discuss that, I’m not still not over it)

I used to list his notable stories, but lately I’ve been writing Justus into a lot of my stories so you should know him.

Keesha Ward (1994-97)

Jason Quartermaine’s first love and sometime love interest for AJ back in the 90s. She was Justus Ward’s cousin but left town for Philadelphia. I generally use her when I want to pad out the Quartermaine family or give Jason a friend who isn’t Sonny or Carly.
Notable Stories: Yesterdays

Kelly Lee (2006-12)

The OB/GYN that basically replaced mainstay Lynn Meadows in 2006. She’s a member of the Girl’s Night crew and friendly with all the hospital staff. I’m not sure why the show stopped using her because she was so much fun. I generally use her as often as possible when there’s a pregnancy going on.
Notable Stories: A Few Words Too Many, All We AreBurn in Heaven, Sanctuary

Kyle Radcliffe (2003)

If you don’t remember him, I feel sorry for you. This delicious rebel was the boy Maxie lost her virginity to who then broadcast it over the internet by webcam. He later apologized but kept getting Maxie into trouble until he faded from the screen. I usually clean him up and reform him as Maxie’s boyfriend.
Notable Stories: I Shall Believe, Intoxication

Lainey Winters (2006-10)

I doubt anyone has forgotten Lainey, but just in case. She was a member of the Girl’s Night Out crew in 2006 and close to Elizabeth and Robin, at least until Lainey thought Elizabeth might be responsible for hurting Jake in 2007. She briefly dated Justus, but I use her as Robin and Elizabeth’s friend mostly.
Notable Stories: Burn in Heaven, All We AreFor the Broken Girl, Hand Me Down

Leyla Mir (2007-09)

Though she dated Patrick on the show, I generally utilize this woefully underused character as a pairing for Lucky. I think they could have been cute together. She was killed off in the biotoxin storyline of 2009.
Notable Stories: Hand Me Down, The Best Thing

Lily Rivera Corinthos (1994-1995)

Every one knows Lily, Sonny’s first wife and victim of a car bomb meant for him, but here’s her picture if you forgot what she looked like. I’ve used her once in a story.
Notable Stories: Jaded

Logan Hayes (2007-08)

Another member of the hostage crew, and Coop’s best friend. Dated Lulu until she threw him over for Johnny. Worked for Sonny and Anthony Zacchara. Killed by Lulu when he tried to attack Maxie. Devastation, because he was fantastic.
Notable Stories: Um. He’s in something. Somewhere. Or is going to be.

Mary Bishop (2004)

Appeared briefly on the show as the woman who pretended Nikolas was her dead husband. She usually only shows up in a minor role in my stories, if at all.
Notable Stories: Silent Reverie, All of Me


 Nadine Crowell (2007-09)

I doubt most of you have forgotten this wonderful character, but just in case. Nadine was a nurse on the show that was paired with Nikolas before Rebecca Shaw turned up. She’s in a ton of my stories, planned and already written, as a nurse at GH, confidante to Elizabeth, and paired with Johnny Zacchara.
Notable Stories: A Few Words Too ManyBurn in HeavenHand Me DownThese Small Hours, The Best Thing

Steven Webber #1 (2004-05)

Though Scott Reeves played him most recently and longer, I loved Shaun Benson’s portrayal, particularly the way they wrote his relationship with Elizabeth. I didn’t really watch the second Steven, so this one remains the standard.
Notable Stories: The Best Thing

 Marcus Taggart (1998-03)

Gone but never forgotten. Taggart was Sonny and Jason’s primary police foe, as Taggart blamed Sonny for the murder of his mentor, Deke. His sister was Gia. Show never really wrote much for him and he was a one-note character towards the end. He holds a place in my heart because he was utterly beautiful to Elizabeth during her rape.
Notable Stories: Mad World, Bittersweet

Original Characters

As a rule, I try not to create too many original characters because GH has a really rich history to draw upon, but at certain points in the show’s accepted canon, there just isn’t someone to fill the specific spot as well as I could with an original character. For example, with Daughters, I wanted to pair Lulu with someone other than Dillon. Had I written that storyline a year later in 2007, I likely would have paired her with Logan.

Olivia Morgan (Brookelyn Rae Silzer)

Appears in the alternate universe story, Yesterdays as the young daughter of Jason and Elizabeth. Fun trivia: I wrote that story in 2003-04. In 2010, my sister named her daughter Olivia. Ha. And yes, that is the show’s Emma Scorpio-Drake. But she’s lovely and cute, eh?

 William ‘Will’ Drake (Jason Dohring)

Appears in Daughters as cousin to Patrick and Elizabeth Drake. I wrote this character at a point in my life where Veronica Mars was my obsession, so that’s why you get yourself a Logan.

 Robyn Nichols (Amy Adams)

Appears in Intoxication as Sonny’s lawyer. I had originally planned a much longer story in which she’d end up dating AJ but I cut it short and left the hint in the epilogue. Robyn makes a cameo in No Angel.

 Jessica Mitchell/Jessica Spencer (Holly Marie Combs)

Appears in Intoxication as a reporter for the Herald investigating Elizabeth’s assault. As I mentioned in Robyn’s entry, there was supposed to be another part to the story in which she was going to be paired with Lucky, but I never wrote it. Also Appears in Yesterdays as Lucky’s wife and Elizabeth’s best friend and neighbor.

 Brianne Joyce | Kelsey Joyce (Rebecca Budig)

Appears as Brianne in Mad World #1 as a blonde. Renamed Kelsey in second version of Mad World as the ADA working with Scott Baldwin. Recast as Rebecca Budig

 Vinnie Esposito (David Fumero)

Appears in Mad World as part of the very short-staffed PCPD. He’s Dante Falconieri’s cousin.