These are the little extras I’ve put together for the people who visit my site.  It ranges from the basic (a coming soon page) to the elaborate (ebooks!).

  • Coming Soon – Stories I am currently outlining or storyboarding. There’s no ETA on these stories, but to get a flavor of what you might be able to expect, this is a good place.
  • Previews – This ranges from previews of upcoming chapters and upcoming stories to unreleased material.
  • Music – You can find links to my music profiles, favorite artist/song of the week, and musical spoilers.
  • Story Status – Once a month, I sit down and type up where I am with certain ongoing stories and future stuff. If you have a question about one of the stories on this site, that’s a good place to start.
  • Polls – Pretty straight forward.
  • Ebooks – Right now I only have ebook copies of A Few Words Too Many and Daughters. It’s kind of time consuming to put together ebooks, particularly when stories aren’t formatted for it. Going forward, once I complete a story, they’re all be available in ebook form.
  • Character Guide – A brief guide to minor GH characters who have either been off the air for more than five years or were only on very briefly. Also includes information about original characters.