Aurora Dawning is the only full-fledged fantasty story I have on my site. It was originally written in 2002, and then revised in 2004. For whatever reason, I rarely have it online at my various sites for more than five seconds before I find a reason to take it down. I really…can’t explain how why that is.

I’d love to say I came up with this idea all by my self, but the original inspiration came when I was writing Roswell fanfiction. It was a challenge on a board that I no longer remember (and this is a good fourteen years ago), and basically the concept was the name (Aurora Dawning) and the consumation of two chosen people to prevent a thousand years of catastrophe. I took that idea, adapted it to the General Hospital cast, and ran with it.

So, naturally it’s completely alternate universe, set in a world and kingdom apart from our own. I call it Rhigwyn, which I think I got from a fantasy name generator.

Other credits: The actual text of the legend in the prologue was particularly difficult for me to write, as I’m not poetic in nature, so Pia (SanguineApple) put that together and it was exactly what I was looking for.


  • I must have caught one of your 5 second postings because I can remember reading this one oh so long ago! I am thrilled to see it again and am looking forward to your magnificent sense of adventure that you seem to inject in each of your stories.

    According to kcke2pen on March 26, 2014