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June 15, 2006

Quartermaine Mansion: Pool

Right in the middle of sipping a frothy pink concoction, Lulu sat straight up in her lounge chair and shoved her sunglasses to the top of her head. “Oh my God!”

Dillon, seated on the opposite lounge chair, glanced up from his Robert Altman biography and blanched. “Oh, God. Not that look.”

“Do you know what I just realized?” Lulu said, excitedly. She tucked her knees under her body and leaned anxiously toward her stepbrother. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier.”

“My nerves are just beginning to recover from the Cassadines,” Dillon grumbled.

“We never figured out Jesse’s connection!” Lulu smacked him in the arm. “How could we overlook that?”

“How indeed.”

“Don’t be sarcastic with me.”

“I’m not being sarcastic, I’m….” Dillon fumbled for the right word. “Resigned. Yes, resigned is what I’m feeling. I should have known we weren’t finished with the Cassadines. You’re a Spencer after all. Hunting Cassadine is in your blood.”

“Exactly.” Lulu got to her feet. “Come on, we have work to do.” She tugged on Dillon’s arm. “I’m going to find out how Jesse Beaudry is connected to the Cassadines if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Knowing my luck and your skills, it probably will be,” he said soberly. “Ow!” he yelped as Lulu smacked him upside the head.

Petersen Clinic: Outside Sam’s Room

Alexis stared at the doctor in disbelief before turning her gaze to an equally bewildered Ric. “There has to be some kind of mistake.”

The doctor shook his head. “I’m sorry, Ms. Davis, but the tests are quite clear. There is no way that Samantha McCall is your daughter.”

“But–” Alexis dragged her hands through her hair. “That doesn’t make any sense. All the connections are there. She was born on May 12, 1980 at the same clinic where I had my daughter–”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Davis, but the tests were clear,” the doctor repeated apologetically. “There is no way, biologically speaking, that the woman in that bed is your daughter.”

Alexis turned to look through the window into Sam’s room to find the woman in question laying in her bed, staring at the wall. “Then what really happened to my daughter?” she murmured.

Hardy House: Front Porch

Elizabeth pulled open her front door and arched an eyebrow at the man standing in front of her. “What?” she asked bluntly.

“I understand that you’re angry with me,” Nikolas began, “but you have to understand that I was just looking out for my brother–”

“What I understand is that your first loyalty is to Lucky,” Elizabeth said coolly. “You will always take his side over mine.”

“He’s my brother–”

“You were supposed to be my friend, too. Separate from Lucky. I guess that was just a lie.”


Nikolas’s protest was cut off when Elizabeth abruptly slammed the door in his face.

She turned away from the door and returned to her seat on the couch. She set Cameron on her lap and smiled at her companion. “Where were we?” she asked.

“I was telling you about the light in Venice,” Jason replied.

General Hospital: Elevator

The elevator doors slid open and Robin scowled as Jax wheeled Carly in next to her.

“I thought you were released last week,” she grumbled, crossing her arms. Patrick pinched her upper arm.

“Civility is a virtue.”

“Is not,” Robin retorted.

“I was here to have my stitches removed and there was some bleeding yesterday,” Carly said primly. “I stayed overnight for observation. Is that all right with you, Miss Priss?”

“Too bad the bullet wasn’t a few inches to the north,” Robin muttered.

“Right back at you,” Carly snapped.

“Back to business as usual,” Jax sighed. “Some things will never change,” he said to Patrick, who hadn’t quite forgiven the billionaire for his past transgressions.

“If I cared less about my hands, I’d rip your throat out,” the neurosurgeon growled.

Jax blinked. “Fair enough.”

“What was that about civility and virtues?” Robin asked Patrick, batting her eyelashes.

“It’s overrated,” Patrick said. The doors opened to the lobby and Patrick wheeled Robin out.

“I wish Stefan Cassadine had better aim,” Carly remarked as Jax pushed her out after the duo.

“I wish he’d stay dead,” Jax replied.

“He’s a Cassadine. Even when they’re dead, they come back.”

Somewhere On a Yacht

The young man blinked his eyes and slowly opened them to find an elderly woman staring at him. “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“Hello, darling.” Helena Cassadine clasped her hands together. “I didn’t think you’d ever come around.”

“Who are you?” Jesse Beaudry demanded.

“I am your beloved stepgrandmother,” Helena cooed. “And you, my darling, being three months older than my darling Nikolas, are my Cassadine heir.”


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