Prequels, Bridging 2008-2024

If I Don’t Try With You
In 2008, moments after they become engaged, Jason and Elizabeth learn that Michael has been shot. What if she refuses to give up on their future? How does Carly let her little boy go? And can anyone control the fallout?
Status: Complete
In 2008, Patrick prepares to become a father, one of life’s more terrifying experiences.
Status: Complete
End of the Beginning
Set in 2009-13. After a one night stand leaves Nadine pregnant, Johnny and Nadine begin to plan a future together, one that includes their beloved daughter, Amalia. But Johnny Zacchara doesn’t do happy very well.
You Should Know Better
Set 2010-2014. Lucky and Sam married before Elizabeth disappeared. They try to create a life together, even a family with the birth of their daughter, Chloe. But Lucky and Sam know that they’ve settled, and she believes she might now have a chance with her soulmate with his wife out of the picture. Lucky wonders if he’ll ever find happiness.
As Your Lies Crumble
Set in 2019. Leyla Mir married Pete Marquez because she was pregnant and wanted to have the family all her friends had found. Now, pregnant with her second child, she knows that she must leave him before their unhappiness destroys them both.
Is Forever Enough?
Set in 2019. Patrick and Robin learn she’s pregnant, a surprise third child neither had planned. In the wake of their losses, they look towards a brighter future.

Main Stories, Beginning in 2024

In 2010, Elizabeth Morgan disappeared, leaving most of her loved ones to presume her dead. Those who loved her best have never given up the search.
Status: Being Revised
When September Ends
Lucky Spencer gets the shock of a lifetime on his doorstep — a revelation that will send shockwaves through many families in Port Charles.
Status: Unposted
Bed of Lies
Armed with the secret of Michael’s shooting, Amalia Zacchara seeks to gain control of her father’s business and to settle the score for those who have done her wrong in life.
Status: Unposted
Sins of the Father
A devastating paternity reveal destroy a marriage and the lives of the children involved.
Status: Unposted
Shattered Glass
Another generation of Port Charles faces their future and deal with the fall out of their parents’ choices. The more things change in Port Charles, the more they stay the same.
Status: Unposted


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