This page includes character information that offers the backstory to the character to take you from 2008 until the opening of Feels Like Home, in June 2024, although there will be prequels and short stories to fill in some of those blanks as well.

The Morgan Family

Jason Morgan Steve Burton as Jason Morgan 

After Sonny and Michael died in 2008, Jason took over the business and married Elizabeth later that year. He adopted Cameron, and together with Juliet (born 2010), he and Elizabeth were blissfully happy. After her disappearance, Jason struggled to raise the kids on his own while never giving up hope that she would come home.

Elizabeth Morgan/Corinne Markham Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Morgan/Corinne Markham 

Elizabeth married Jason in 2008, and gave birth to her third child, Juliet, shortly before she vanished in the fall of 2010.

Corinne Markham is a woman who escaped a serial killer, and has experienced retrograde amnesia. She’s built a new life for herself, and has stopped asking questions about her past.

Cameron Steven Morgan Justin Bruening as Cameron Steven Morgan 

Cameron was adopted by Jason shortly after the wedding. He’s grown up secure in his father’s love, and the only Morgan child who remembers his mother. After graduating from PC High, he went to Boston University to study law. He’s a junior in 2024.

Jacob Martin Morgan Benjamin McKenzie as Jacob Martin Morgan 

Jake has never forgotten the events surrounding his paternity, and though he’s grown up with his father, has always felt the lack of a mother in his life. He is a senior at PC High.

Juliet Emily Morgan Miley Cyrus as Juliet Emily Morgan 

Juliet was six months old when her mother vanished, and Jules has spent her entire life trying to solve the mystery because her mother’s absence has left a void that can never be filled. She’s a sophomore at PC High.

Isla Elizabeth Markham Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Isla Elizabeth Markham 

Isla is the daughter of Corinne Markham, born in 2016. Her mother is a single woman, and she’s never had a father figure in her life.

The Spencer/Cassadine/Lansing Family

Alexis Davis Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis Davis 

After her divorce from Ric, Alexis has struggled to raise her three girls on her own. She has a law practice with Diane Miller, and feels relatively successful in her family.

Ric Lansing Rick Hearst as Richard ‘Ric’ Lansing 

Ric moved to New York in 2008 to get away from the memories of Port Charles, after the death of his brother, Sonny. He keeps in touch with Molly and Kristina, and has never let Kristina feel the lack of a father in her life.

Kristina Adela Davis Bethany Joy Lenz as Kristina Adela Davis 

Kristina is the respectable child, the dutiful daughter who graduated high school with honors and went on to Harvard to study law, to honor her stepfather, Ric.

Molly Robin Lansing Rachel Bilson as Molly Robin Lansing 

Molly is the wild child who has never found a rule she doesn’t want to break. She graduated from PC High without any plans and works at Kelly’s, to the annoyance of her mother.

Nikolas Cassadine Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine 

After struggling to live in Port Charles without Emily, Nikolas finally moved to London permanently with Spencer. He visits family in PC from time to time, including Nadine, who encouraged him to move on with his life.

Spencer Misha Cassadine Tom Welling as Spencer Misha Cassadine 

Spencer, the son of Nikolas and Courtney, has grown up away from PC for the most part, and barely knows his cousins, and they barely know him.

Lucky Spencer Greg Vaughan as Lucky Spencer 

Lucky reunited with Sam and they dated for some time until Sam learned she was pregnant with their daughter, Chloe. They married, but made each other miserable. They divorced in 2013, but have remained close.

Sam McCall Spencer Kelly Monaco as Samantha McCall-Spencer 

Sam’s relationship with Lucky, while close, has always been difficult particularly after Elizabeth disappeared in 2010. Sam has always felt drawn to Jason, never able to close her heart to him, but she was never able to help move past his grief. Though she might like to.

Chloe Leigh Spencer G Hannelius as Chloe Leigh Spencer 

Chloe is the eleven year old daughter of Sam and Lucky, who loves her parents even though they drive her nuts. Her best friend in the whole world is Anna Drake.

Lulu Spencer Emme Rylan as Lulu Spencer 

Lulu split from Port Charles in late 2008, and other than a disastrous visit in 2013, she rarely comes home. She’s followed in the footsteps of her father, Luke Spencer, without roots or ties.

The Corinthos/Jacks Family

Carly Corinthos-Jacks Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos-Jacks 

Carly remained married to Jax after the deaths of Sonny and Michael in April 2008, though her heart was shattered. She was frozen in grief until she learned she was pregnant with Cecily, and managed to climb back out. She began to devote herself to life even more when Elizabeth disappeared and Jason needed her help to keep his family together. She owns a string of hotels with Jax that are successful and popular.

Jasper 'Jax' Jacks Ingo Rademacher as Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks 

Jax is happy in his marriage with Carly, though he knows part of her heart has never recovered from losing Michael and never knowing what happened to him. He has become a devoted stepfather to Morgan, and loves his daughter Cecily to pieces. He co-owns the Metro Court hotel franchise with Carly.

Morgan Stone Corinthos Adam Brody as Morgan Stone Corinthos 

Morgan barely remembers his brother or father, but has always understood that he is all his mother has left of those times. He is a junior at Boston University with Cam Morgan, his best friend, and plans to go on to medical school.

Cecily Jane Jacks Kristen Alderson as Cecily Jane Jacks 

Cecily is a bright and popular fifteen year old who drives her parents insane, because after all, she’s Carly’s daughter. To Carly’s eternal horror, one of Cece’s favorite people is Mal Drake, son of Robin Scorpio.

The Zacchara Family

Johnny Zacchara Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara 

After killing Sonny in self-defense and losing Lulu, Johnny Zacchara had a one night stand with Nadine Crowell that resulted in her pregnancy. They eventually fell in love and married, only to divorce in 2013 after Lulu returned to town. He’s been married two more times since their bitter divorce, both marriages short and unhappy. He resides in Crimson Pointe most of the time, and is business partners with Jason Morgan.

Nadine Crowell Zacchara Claire Coffee as Nadine Crowell Zacchara 

Nadine testified in Johnny’s self-defense trial for killing Sonny, and their one-night stand resulted in their daughter, Amalia. After their bitter divorce, Nadine has remained single. She’s the head nurse at the hospital and remains close with Nikolas.

Amalia Isa Zacchara Mila Kunis as Amalia Isa Zacchara 

Amalia has grown up knowing she was a mistake that ruined her parents life. In order to hurt and damage one another, Johnny and Nadine drag Amalia into court from time to time in order to battle over custody and alimony, which doesn’t help her self-esteem. Amalia is a sophomore at PC High, her best friend is Juliet Morgan and she’s head over heels for Jake Morgan, who thinks she’s too young for him.

The Drake Family

Patrick Drake Jason Thompson as Patrick Drake 

Patrick is the chief of surgery at General Hospital, and still sometimes wonders how he ended up in the suburbs with three kids, a dog and a minivan, but he loves the crap out of his wife and kids, so mostly it’s okay.

Robin Scorpio-Drake Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio-Drake 

Robin is deliriously happy that her only problem in life is dealing with her son’s relationship with Carly’s daughter. She’s a respected doctor at General Hospital.

Malcolm 'Mal' Drake Chad Duell as Malcolm ‘Mal’ Robert Drake 

Mal has the best of both his parents — his father’s wild good looks, his mother’s relative good sense…and his entire family’s charming ways. He’s a bit of a scape grace, but he means well. Mal is a junior at PC High, and hangs out with Jake and Cece.

Anna Mae Drake Abigail Breslin as Anne Mae Drake 

Anna is eleven years old and all she can think about is dancing. She hasn’t decided between dancing and singing on Broadway or ballet, but she figures she can do both. She’s a sixth grader and her best friend is Chloe Spencer.

Jeffrey Alan Drake Jackson Brundage as Jeffrey Alan Drake 

Jeff was the surprise child, long after Patrick and Robin had completed their family in 2013. Born in 2019, he’s the adorable prince of the family…with Patrick’s lethal charm.


Leyla Mir Marquez Nazanin Boniadi as Leyla Mir-Marquez 

Lonely after all her closest friends married, had children, disappeared or divorced, Leyla became pregnant with Pete Marquez’s son. They reluctantly married, but it was a complete disaster. After the birth of their second son, Leyla battled her beliefs and her family and fiiled for divorce.  She works as head surgical nurse at GH.

Pete Marquez Eddie Matos as Peter Marquez 

Pete never wanted kids or a marriage and has very little to do with his two sons, PJ and Ryan. He teaches at PCU, and finds Patrick’s life to be hysterical.

Ian Devlin Seamus Dever as Ian Devlin 

Ian still works at GH and has remained single. No one ever discovered his connection to the warehouse shooting that resulted in Michael’s death, and Ian left that life behind him as a consequence. He’s the top plastic surgeon at General Hospital, and hopes his old life stays in the past.