New Flash Fiction & Status Update

Hey guys! I’m still working out the right schedule to work flash fiction into regular rotation, but honestly most of my energy has been focused on getting into daily writing with Mad World. I got off to a slow start thanks to illness and technical issues. I’m happy to report that, thus far this week, I’ve written three chapters clocking in at 13k chapters total. I’m up to Ch 33, with seventeen to go. If I keep up this pace at a chapter a day, I’ll finish the first draft on July 6, which puts me in decent shape for an August release. I’ll keep y’all posted on how that’s going.

As to flash fiction, I got a late start tonight so I decided against working on a wrap-up to Fool Me Twice. I’m trying to leave myself an hour to wrap up the loose ends and put it back into novel development. So instead, we have a weird little idea I played with a long time ago but never posted. I hope you enjoy. It was written in 23 minutes and the ending is a little weird because I ran out of time and I honestly didn’t know how to finish it, ha.

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