Story Status – 2 July 2014

Novels/Alternate Reality

1. The Best Thing – I finished Part One with the end of Chapter Seven, and I think the reason getting Part Two going is because the first few chapters are really setting up the actual meat of the story. I have to do the characterizations just right or honestly, it all falls apart. I’m almost finished Chapter Eight, but I’m unhappy with some of the scenes. One this chapter and possibly Chapter Nine are behind me, I feel like it’ll be smoother sailing.

2. These Small Hours – I’m working on major revisioning of this story, but it’s been slow-going because I’m been pressed for time and haven’t had much chance to really dig in. I hope to get it done soon, so I can finish outlining, storyboard and get back to writing it

3. Feels Like Home (formerly Tangle)  – I picked out the POV scenes I’m going to tackle first in hopes that it’ll jump start the rest of the story.  No ETA on posting.

4.  Damaged – I hope to finish Episode 005 soon. I just haven’t settled into a rhythm of writing this one yet. I hope to get into a routine of writing two scenes a day, so that I’ll be able to post an episode a week, but I’m not sure when this routine will commence, it might continue to be stalled in some ways until I move home to London and start working regular hours.

5. Mad World – I’ve got it mostly outlined, but I’m still trying to visualize the ending to get it just right. It’s insane ensemble piece that is going to be angsty and difficult, so I want to get it jut right.

6. Fallen From Grace – On the drawing board, waiting for its turn in the reoutlining cycle.

76. For the Broken Girl – A rewrite of the 2006 drugs storyline. I have the major events in my head, a ton of it is already outlined. I had some thoughts that I just started writing, and before I knew it, I had written a lot of details. I’m going back over it, trying to visualize the ending.

8. Untitled Chesapeake Bay Homage – I actually started playing with an outline for this, so you never know. I liked some of the stuff, but more of it needs to work. I do not want it to be just like Nora Roberts’ series — I wanted to use that plotline as a jumping point.


1. The End of Everything – I haven’t even started to think about an outline for this. May end up being scrapped.

2.  The End of the Beginning – Storyboarded, just waiting for the mood to strike.

3. Inside Your Fear – As above, storyboarded and waiting for the right moment.

4. Paternity Switch – A rewrite of the paternity storyline from 2006, but it’s really on the edges of my mind, I have to play with a few things first history wise to see if it even works.

Short Stories

1. Three Weeks, Two Days – Storyboarded, just waiting to be angry enough to rewrite it as it’s a rewrite of Elizabeth switching the results of Sam’s test in 2012.


1. Come on Eileen – I hope to finish it off soon, but you never know

2. Turning Points – Will probably wrap this up in another few parts.

3.  Silent Reverie/Collision/Illusions – Sitting in development hell waiting for a turn in the outline cycle, or permanently stalled.

4. Burn in Heaven/Counting Stars/Life For Rent – Also in development hell, but way more likely to be written than those above.




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