Discarded Plot Sketch: Heaven Forbid

A story I’ve decided for various reasons not to deal with. There are two plot sketches. One is my first pass at the overall picture and the second is my more detailed synopsis–my first attempt to break it down scene by scene. The second one isn’t done, so it just breaks off mid synopsis.

I haven’t done anything with any of this in month so take that for its worth. I also haven’t spellchecked it or reread much for typos.

If you’d like to use any of this in your own work, please let me know–particularly if you utilize any the individual scene ideas. I don’t care much because I’m not writing it, but it’s a courtesy thing 🙂

Big Picture Outline

Robin arrives on Cassadine Island, finds Jason, Helena, and Stavros on ice. After a few months of struggle, she spies a boy playing in the gardens, and is struck by how much he resembles Jason. She manages to strike up a conversation, and is stunned to learn he is Jake Spencer, presumed dead years earlier.

Robin confronts Victor on his next visit, who admits that before Helena’s death, she believed Jake to be Lucky’s son and was waiting for an opportunity to carry out the plan she had concocted for Lucky all those years earlier, only to start earlier from childhood so that the brainwashing would stick. Victor isn’t sure how Helena managed it, might be similar to Katherine Bell’s dive off the parapet and survival, but the boy who Robin and Patrick operated on and donated his….(liver, kidney?) to Josslyn Jacks was not Jake Spencer.

Victor discovered Jake’s existence after learning of the cryogenics, and didn’t see the hurry in reuniting Jake with his family. He sweetens the pot — she may spend time with the boy, tell him the truth, and if she manages to wake up Jason and his family, he’ll allow Jason to take Jake home.

Robin concentrates on all three, but focuses her energy on reviving Jason. She finally manages to do so after a year on the island. When Jason awakes, he is confused and disorientated. His last memory is falling into the water. Robin explains what’s going on in PC. Victor has allowed her secure web convos with Patrick and Emma once a month. She tells Victor that her strides in reviving Jason will make Helena and Stravos more easily, and agrees to stay on if he allows Jake and Jason to go home.

After securing Victor’s agreement (but Jason must keeps mouth shut about Robin and the Cassadines), Robin tells Jason about Jake, whom she has been spending time with, talking about his parents. Jason, struggling with all the news at once (that it’s been three years since his resurrection, that his first-born son is alive, that Sam’s son is actually his, that Sam remarried to Silas, etc.)

He decides to tap into the funds that no one else knows about and go back to Port Charles on the down low. He rents a house under an assumed name, and sets up shop there with Jake, trying to figure out how to break the news to Elizabeth and Sam. He finally arranges for Robin to contact Elizabeth to come to the house so she can grab some paper work. When Elizabeth arrives, she sees Jason and begins to panic, thinking she is reliving the same delusions she had after Jake’s death. As Jason is trying to calm her down, Jake becomes impatient and comes in, calling Elizabeth Mommy. Recognizing her son, though four years older, Elizabeth passes out.

When she wakes, she is still panicking, but Jason manages to convince her that it’s real. Elizabeth joyfully reunites with her son and begs Jason for answers. He tells her that as a condition of their freedom, he can’t say anything. She’s frustrated, but wants to reunite Jason with the rest of his family, particularly his son, Danny.

Elizabeth visits Sam, and breaks the news gently. Sam is rocked with guilt. She had believed him alive for so long, but had finally been forced to give up when there was no word. She immediately tells Silas, who tries to take news one day a time, fearful of losing Sam after everything else they’ve gone through.

Sam hurries to bring Danny to visit with Jason, while Elizabeth seeks out Carly and Michael to relate the same news. Michael, too excited, lets the news slip to AJ, who is afraid with Jason back in the picture, he’ll lose his son again.

Jason and Jake’s resurrection quickly makes the rounds. Sam is torn, confides in her mother. She loved Jason so much, but she’s moved on with Silas. She loves him, too. Alexis recommends she talks to Elizabeth, who went through a similar situation.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she is overjoyed to learn that Jake is alive, and that with the news in the open, he and Danny can be brothers. As to Jason v. Silas, Elizabeth cautions Sam about feeling obligated. She wasted so much of her life, feeling obligated to love Lucky the way she had before he died, that she drove herself insane. They fell in love again years later, but she could have handled it so much better. She should be honest with herself, and the men she loves, and to not feel guilty about moving on.

Jason struggles to find his place in the world again, with Sonny having replaced Jason with Sean and Duke. Sonny is relieved to have his best friend back, but wonders if Jason should return to the life. He talks to Carly about his problems, and wonders what he should do in his life, beyond the organization and his sons.

Carly recommends he find something that he loves, and relish this chance to live a normal life.

AJ visits with Jason, trying to figure out how to make amends. Jason is shaken at finding his brother alive, and that he had dated Elizabeth briefly. He’s disturbed that Michael has a relationship with him, but Michael assures him that AJ has been sober for nearly a year, since he was cleared of Connie’s murder.

Sam tells Jason that she loves him more than anything in the world, and she is so happy to have him home, that he knows Danny is his, but she cannot lie to herself. She tells him that she’s going to stay with Silas. Jason is disappointed, but understands her decision.

Cam and Aidan are excited to have their brother back, but are disappointed that Jake and Danny have Jason as a father, while they haven’t heard from theirs in years. Elizabeth has been trying to contact Lucky for months to tell him the good news, but cannot find him. Luke eventually tells her that he’s blocking her attempts. He told Lucky when Jake came home, but Lucky still wasn’t ready to come home, and asked Elizabeth to stay away from him.

Destroyed that her betrayal has cost her sons their father, Elizabeth tries to accept the decision, but tells Luke that the Spencer abandonment gene has clearly been passed down, and that Luke should remind Lucky of his promise to be nothing like his father. Annoyed, Luke agrees.

Jason decides, if nothing else, he’ll open a garage for bikes and cars. He liked doing the manual work, and doing the books will keep his mind busy. He buys a home of his own, allowing Sam to retain the penthouse. He starts to rebuild his life, with visitation rights to his sons.

Christmas 2015 rolls around, and Elizabeth still hasn’t heard from Lucky. She is planning a big family Christmas, but Jake wants his father there. Reluctantly, Elizabeth extends the invitation to Jason, who agrees.

Just before Christmas, Jason hears from Robin. She’s unfortunately resurrected Helena and Stavros, so Victor says she can return home. She is disgusted with herself for bringing them back, and losing another two years with her family. When she comes home, she wants to talk to him about doing something about the Cassadines for good.

Jason finally admits to Elizabeth that Helena Cassadine and Cesar Faison were behind faking Jake’s death and holding them both captive. Elizabeth is enraged. She goes back to Luke, and fills him in. Helena let him believe he murdered his own grandchild, and was actually responsible for the death of another child. He tells her Helena is dead, there’s nothing to worry about. Elizabeth, leaving Robin out of it, tells him that Helena and Stavros are alive, and who knows what they’re planning next. Maybe revenge will be enough for Lucky to come home.

Luke heads off to let his son know. Nikolas, who had been living in London after leaving Britt, returns at the news that his crazy family is alive. Robin arrives home, to the relief of her daughter, but Patrick hands her divorce papers. Two years is two years too long. He kept his mouth shut, even when Jake returned home, but he wants out of the crazy WSB life. It’s cost him too much.

Nikolas confronts Robin about resurrecting his family, but finds it hard to argue with his reasons. He goes to Elizabeth, who isn’t interested in talking to anyone related Cassadines or Spencers. She’s just so angry that four years with her son was stolen from her because Helena didn’t know Jake’s real father. She’s angry with Jason, too, because while the initial decision was hers, he never wanted to come forward, leaving Jake vulnerable.

Lucky finally returns home, and goes to Elizabeth. He received the message from her about being like his father, and wants to re-establish himself with the boys. Elizabeth tells him too little, too late. They barely ask about him any longer, and she’s not sure it’s worth it since he’ll probably take off again. Lucky acknowledges that, throws her affair back in her face, he’s never felt like any of their fathers, since he believed Nikolas to be his Aidan’s father, and her other two bastards belong to other men.

Elizabeth throws him out, annoyed at her entire life.

Victor checks in with Robin. Stavros and Helena are under house arrest, and he wants to know if the Spencers are out for revenge. Robin hangs up on him. She wants nothing to do with the man her cost her life. She’s back to working at the hospital, trying to delay the divorce so maybe Patrick can forgive her somehow.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he’s talked to Sonny about going after Helena, but Elizabeth tells him she doesn’t want him, too. That’s how it keeps going. Retaliation for retaliation, it will never end. Jason reluctantly agrees, and they begin to build a better friendship, particularly after he learns how Lucky has treated Cam and Aidan. He begins to ask if they can join Jake when Jason has Danny, so that they can grow up together and become friends. Elizabeth agrees.

Luke, Nikolas, and Lucky have taken off to go after Helena and Stavros, but everyone else in Port Charles has decided to move on. After almost six months of being at home, Patrick agrees to go to therapy rather than divorce. Better for Emma. They can rebuild their trust. Sam and Silas are happy together, considering having another child. Jason and Elizabeth are towards another go at their relationship, brought together by their boys.

Detailed Synopsis

Main Story: Jason & Jake Are Alive


Robin goes to the island


Sam is married to Silas

Jason is alive: What about now?

Jason can’t tell the truth

Lucky won’t come home

Robin returns home. Patrick wants divorce

Jason tells the truth. Time for Spencer vs. Cassadine

1. Robin Goes To the Island

Against her husband’s wishes, Robin heads to Cassadine Island in the Mediterranean. She begins work on Jason, Helena and Stavros, surreptitiously focusing on Jason. After few frustrating months, in which she has been able to write Patrick and Emma and only have one Skype chat, she spies an eight -year-old boy playing in the gardens. She thinks he looks familiar.

As she grows closer to reviving Jason, Victor arrives and Robin asks about the boy. Victor has been saving this news—the boy was kidnapped from General Hospital by his sister-in-law, much the way Helena had stolen away Katherine Bell, and she planned to use him the way she had failed to use Lucky Spencer all those years ago—she thought starting younger might be a good idea. That doesn’t answer her question, Robin presses. Victor replies that he is Jake Spencer, and that Helena did not know his paternity at the time, had thought he was Lucky’s biological son. The truth only came out after Jake’s “death” so Helena just held him captive, waiting for him to be useful.

Robin is horrified, but Victor tells her if she succeeds in reviving Jason, he’ll allow him to take his son home. Robin gets back to work. Eventually, her work is fruitful. Jason is disorientated, he only remembers falling into the water. He is stunned to learn that he has been in a type of coma for almost two years (Robin succeeds in Fall 2014). Robin tells Victor that the process with Jason was less complicated, as he was not cryogenically frozen. She begs for Jason to be allowed to go home—he’ll keep his mouth shut about Robin’s work, and in exchange, she will stay. Victor agrees. Then, Robin tells Jason about Jake, that for the last six months, she’s been telling him stories about his parents, and how she’s going to get him back to them. Jason reunites with Jake and promises they’ll go home together.

Robin also fills Jason in on the changes in PC. Sam had married Silas earlier that summer, but Danny is Jason’s son. Elizabeth is raising Cam and Aidan, without Lucky, who still hasn’t returned home. AJ is alive, and is struggling with sobriety after Ava Jerome killed Connie and framed him. Sean and Duke Lavery work for Sonny against Julian Jerome and Ric Lansing. J

Still feeling disoriented, Jason makes preparations to get back to Port Charles with Jake under the radar.

2. Jason Returns to PC

He checks into a motel outside town, and thinks about his next move. He wants to see his son, but with Sam’s new marriage, it might be better to approach Elizabeth first and reunite her with Jake. He sends her a text, asking her to meet him at Vista Point.

Elizabeth, who has been struggling since Nikolas married Britt, and then learned Britt had known all along about Lulu and Dante being the biological parents, left her and took Spencer to London, receives the mysterious message and decides that she might as well. The last time she was at Vista Point was Jason.

At Vista Point, she sees Jason standing there, and she begins to panic. She thinks she’s having the same hallucinations she had after Jake died, but Jason manages to convince her that he’s alive. Over joyed, Elizabeth embraces him, begging him for details. He can’t give her any right now, but he wants her to come back to the room where he’s staying.

Once they arrive back in the motel room, Jason tells her that he can’t tell her where he was, or who helped him, but the same person found someone else where Jason was held hostage. He opens the door to reveal Jake sitting on the bed. He’s three years older than when he supposedly died, but with his bright blond hair and blue eyes, she knows him immediately. Elizabeth is overwhelmed at having her baby back, and Jake is happy to meet the woman his father tells him is his mommy.

After a reunion, Jason reluctantly asks Elizabeth if she can help him spread the news. To Sam and Danny, to Carly, and to Sonny before they make any decisions on what to do next. She doesn’t want to leave her son, but knows that the sooner everyone knows Jason is alive, the sooner she can bring Jake home to his brothers.

Elizabeth goes to the penthouse first to tell Sam. At first, Sam thinks Elizabeth is having a breakdown—she knows it’s been a tough year, but Elizabeth insists. She shows her pictures on her phone of Jason, standing with Jake, in a motel Sam knows was built after Jason’s death. Elizabeth gives her the address and room number, and leaves to tell Carly and Sonny.

Stunned, Sam tells Silas she has to find out if it’s true. Silas agrees, but wonders what it means for them and their new marriage. Sam hurries to the motel and does find Jason and Jake waiting. She doesn’t know what to say, she’s torn between incredible happiness and immense guilt. She tells Jason about Danny—he already knows, and she wants them to meet as soon as possible. She offers to get him now, but Jason knows it’s getting late, and suggests tomorrow. He’s expecting Sonny and Carly any moment now.

Elizabeth has had some difficulty convincing Carly and Sonny, but her pictures give them hope, and they both hightail it to the motel. While Elizabeth continues to keep her sights on Jake, Carly, Sam, and Sonny reunite with Jason.

When everyone but Elizabeth leaves, Jason knows that news will spread from there. He looks at Elizabeth, and they wonder what to do next. Elizabeth suggests she and Jake go home to the boys, but Jake panics at leaving his father. Upset that her son doesn’t seem to want to be with her, she hesitates, but asks Jason to stay with them in the guest room until they figure out what to do, so Jake can get back to his own life.

Jason agrees, and they head back. Jake seems uninterested in reuniting with his brothers, neither of whom remember him a lot, though Cam knows who he is. Elizabeth puts them all to bed, lingering over Jake, before returning to Jason.

They talk for hours. Elizabeth presses him to talk about Sam, and how he feels about. What he thinks his next move might be, should he go back to Sonny. Elizabeth admits she dated AJ for a while, which Jason finds only slightly annoying, but he knows AJ is sober and that Michael loves him.

The next morning, Elizabeth wants to take the boys to school, so they can get Jake placed in a grade, unsure of his education while he was away. Jake balks at leaving Jason behind, who plans to head over to the penthouse to see Danny and see about any of his belongings. Uneasy with how much Jake refuses to go anywhere with Elizabeth alone, Jason decides to accompany them to drop Cam and Aidan at school, enroll Jake, and then go to the penthouse.

At the penthouse, the air is tense. Jason and Jake talk with Danny, while Sam and Elizabeth sit uncomfortably across the room. Jake is much more interested in his father’s other son than he is in his mother’s other sons. When Jason suggests Jake hang back here with Elizabeth while Sam takes him down to the storage locker where she’s put his clothes and promises his bike is in the garage, Jake refuses to leave his side. Sam, seeing how upset Elizabeth, gives Jason the key and tells him the location. He takes Jake with him.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she’s having a hard time, because Jake doesn’t remember her, that she’s a woman named Mom, without any sense of the meaning, and that Jason was the one who brought him home. She’s reminding herself to be grateful, that the situation will eventually adjust. Sam admits to her own problems. Silas slept in the guest room the night before, and she’s not sure what she should do. She and Jason divorced before he was declared dead, so her marriage is legal, but she feels guilty she moved on, Elizabeth confides her experience with Lucky and Jason, and says the best thing Sam can do is be honest with herself.


And yeah, that’s how far I got. Again, it’s fair use if you want to adopt the concept but just let me know and give me some credit 🙂



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