Smoke and Mirrors


I don’t write a lot of fantasy, magical, supernatural, etc. mostly because I don’t actually write a lot of alternate universe, but one of my biggest writing influences is Nora Roberts and I love her supernatural stories. So I wanted to try my hand at another alternate universe and flirt with the genre of magical realism.  I’m not inspired by any specific Nora Roberts book but just the general way she writes about magic.

This is a reworking of my Homecoming workshop series, but most of it has been changed and revised.


This is an alternate universe. It takes place in contemporary Port Charles, but all the characters have a completely different history and relationships. I’ve also played with the ages a bit, so just forget everything you know.


I am not writing this story the way I usually do. I have it loosely plotted out, but it is not written in advance and beta’d. This is going to be my return to winging it, updating when I’m done, and just generally trying to take some pressure off the entire process.  I will still be working on other projects like Bittersweet, Mad World, and Damaged; this is just going to be like when I was writing All We Are at the same time as The Best Thing. Having both in progress really helped me write more.

These chapters will also be shorter which will help me post more often.

The character list might also change as I write.


Elizabeth Webber