Crimson Glass moving servers

The last few days, CG has had some loading issues. Sometimes you’ll click on a link and it might tell you the page hasn’t been found. That’s not because the page isn’t there, but because the site has exceeded my share of the resources on my hosting plan.  That’s not fun for anyone, haha, so I’m going to upgrade from shared hosting to a private server. It’s about $5 more a month, which isn’t horrible, actually.

I’ll be doing it at the end of the week, but it’s going to take sometime to migrate the site to the new server. I’m not sure how long but it’s likely the site would be down for a day or so. Since I’m scheduled to post The Best Thing, Chapter 14 tomorrow, and All I Want for Christmas, Part 3 on Thursday, that means the site would go down shortly within a day or so of posting them. Not my favorite option.

So I’m thinking about posting both of them today only at CG so there’s extra time to make sure you get to that material before the end of the week, so if the site is down all weekend, you still get to read it. I’d keep to the normal schedule on the other sites.



  • Good I’m going away this weekend so I woun’t be missing something. Thank you for sharing your talent with us

    According to leasmom on December 9, 2014
  • Anytime can get material early excited love your stuff good luck moving it

    According to Tish on December 9, 2014
  • Let’s see, a minor inconvenience compensated by a major perk. Such a tough decision…not. Go for it and good luck with the move.

    According to Aradia on December 9, 2014