Signs of Life

Now that I’ve tried toTalk to you and make you understandAll you have to do is close your eyesAnd just reach out your hands and touch me

Welcome to Signs of Life, a General Hospital fanfiction novel set in December 1999, rewriting the Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber storyline after the Christmas party. It is a revised version of my flash fiction series, written between 2020 and 2022. The original series was around 95k; the revised novel is 126k with additional material as well as edits for consistency and typographical errors.

The subsite is under a bit of construction as we get under way with posting — I’m returning to full-time work teaching high school French in a new district, so I ran out of time to finish everything.  Chapters 1-8 were originally posted in January & February, but have been edited one more time because I found a few typos I missed in my first round of edits. Please feel free to refresh your memory.

New chapters will be added every Tuesday and Thursday beginning today, August 28, and concluding sometime in November (the exact date escapes me right now).

27 August 2023: Site launched in preparation for the first chapter posting tomorrow! Updates on this page will only be added for site-related information. Chapter updates will be mentioned on the Crimson Glass blog home.