Signs of Life

Now that I’ve tried toTalk to you and make you understandAll you have to do is close your eyesAnd just reach out your hands and touch me


Whenever I go back and rewatch those old Liason scenes around the Christmas party, it always strikes me as tonally inconsistent that one minute, Sorel’s putting a bomb in Elizabeth’s studio and everyone seems so interested in Jason and Elizabeth, and then it just goes away. I, of course, understand that’s likely due to Steve Burton leaving the show (though I’ve always wondered exactly when they knew and how it affected the future plans).

Anyway, I’ve been fascinated with the what if questions — what if Jason doesn’t leave that January? What if the rest of the world doesn’t just forget about Jason and Elizabeth? So I wrote the story for Flash Fiction, and it ended up being pretty good. I’m cleaning it up with some light edits for redistribution here and at and Archive of Our Own.


This story picks up just after the Christmas party and Jason’s exit from the studio. Nikolas has declared to the whole world that Jason and Elizabeth are sleeping together, Jason and Sonny are still a bit frosty after the Sonny/Carly hate sex, and Carly is irritating Jason by never leaving him alone.

The only change I’ve made is that Emily and Juan have already broken up and he’s taken off.