This cast list covers absolutely everyone who is going to show up in this story at any point, so I’m organizing it by category¬† — either family or occupation. I’ve gone out of my way to find pictures of these people from the time period the story is set (2003) though in some cases, it was not possible. I think I spend more time than I need to worrying about these things, ha. This page encompasses any and all characters that appear in the trilogy, even if they’re only in one or two of the books.

Corinthos & Morgan Family

Elizabeth Webber
Elizabeth has recently married Sonny’s half brother, Ric Lansing and suffered a miscarriage. Since her grandmother’s death in January, things have been difficult for her. She struggles to keep moving forward.
Jason Morgan
After being cleared of Luis Alcazar’s murder, Jason divorced Brenda and his relationship with Courtney came to light. He and Sonny argued over that relationship but disagreement about Ric made them focus on the real problem, and Jason’s relationship with Courtney doesn’t seem to bother Sonny the way it did once.
Sonny Corinthos
Things in Sonny’s life have been chaotic lately since the return of Brenda Barrett, Carly’s pregnancy, the reveal of his half-brother, and Jason’s relationship with his sister, Courtney. However, things are settling down and he looks forward to the birth of his next child.
Carly Corinthos
Carly’s life has settled down since the shock of Brenda’s return and the doubt and terror over the paternity of the child she is carrying. Ric remains a worry, but right now Carly is thinking about her best friends. Carly used all of her influence with Jason and Courtney to shove them together, but on the eve of their wedding, she’s starting to have some doubts.
Ric Lansing
He came to town to exact revenge on his half-brother for their mother’s abandonment of him, but ended up getting Elizabeth Webber pregnant. He convinced her to marry him, but their relationship is fragile, and Ric continues to hide many secrets from his new wife.
Courtney Matthews
Only months after divorcing her first husband, Courtney prepares to marry Jason. She’s in a hurry because she can feel him slipping him away from her. She’s new to her brother’s world and sometimes the rules don’t always make sense to her. In Books 1 & 2

The Spencer & Cassadine Family

Bobbie Spencer
Bobbie is living at the Brownstone with Lucas and Lulu, preparing for the birth of her next grandchild. When her brother’s family fell apart, Bobbie stepped up to take care of them and provides emotional support to all of Laura’s children.
Lucky Spencer
On a dare from Scott Baldwin, Lucky entered the police academy and managed to graduate and make some friends. He’s also running Luke’s, his father’s jazz club.
Lesley Lu Spencer
Lulu’s family fell apart a year ago, and she was sent to live with her aunt while her mother recovered from a nervous breakdown and her father fell off the cliff. She’s close with her cousin, Lucas, and his cousins, Maxie and Georgie.
Lucas Jones
Lucas has just finished his freshman year at PCU and spends most of his time with family and friends. He hates his cousin Maxie’s new boyfriend, Kyle Radcliffe.
Nikolas Cassadine
After his mother’s nervous breakdown, Nikolas ended his engagement to Gia Campbell and took his mother and grandmother to London so that Laura could receive the best medical care available.
Alexis Davis
After Alexis faked a personality disorder to avoid being arrested for the murder of Luis Alcazar, she temporarily lost custody of her daughter as well as her law license. She is reinstated in late June of 2003 allowing Alexis to return to career and family.

Port Charles Government: PCPD, DA, and Mayor’s Office

Marcus Taggert
Detective Marcus Taggert is one half of the Organized Crimes Unit at the PCPD and is vigorously investigating Sonny and Jason’s activities to put them away for good.
Andy Capelli
Detective Andrew “Andy” Capelli works with Taggert on the Organized Crimes Unit and shares his dedication to ending the reign of organized crime in the city.
Cruz Rodriguez
Officer Cruz Rodriguez has just graduated from the police academy and has been assigned to train with Taggert and Capelli in the Organized Crime Unit.
Dante Falconieri
Officer Dante Falconieri has graduated from the police academy and opted to stay in Port Charles with his cousin, Vinnie Esposito, rather than returning to Bensonhurst where his mother, Olivia, still lives.
Vinnie Esposito
Detective Vincenzio “Vinnie” Esposito has worked in Port Charles on and off since graduating from the academy in 1995. He’s returned to Port Charles after a stint in Buffalo and a failed marriage. He works in the Major Crimes Unit at the PCPD and convinced his cousin, Dante, to work with him. In Books 1 & 2
Scott Baldwin
Scott Baldwin is in the first year of his term as District Attorney and has promised to focus aggressively on organized crime, which is a campaign promise he might come to regret.
Kelsey Joyce
Kelsey Joyce is the daughter of Scott Baldwin’s late best friend from law school, and Scott has hired her to work at Major Crimes. Fresh out of law school, Kelsey finds herself in charge of the unit that everyone else calls the dead end of the office.
Garrett Floyd
Garrett Floyd has been mayor of Port Charles since 1996 and plans to remain that way for as long he can. He spends a lot of time making promises he can’t keep and putting pressure on the police and DA’s office to get results. In Books 1 & 2

The Quartermaine & Ward Family

Monica Quartermaine
Monica continues to practice cardio-thoracic medicine at General Hospital and caring for her family.
Edward Quartermaine
Edward has begun to delegate more at ELQ, particularly to his grandson, Ned, and more reluctantly, to his daughter Tracy.
Ned Ashton
After the death of his fiancee, Kristina, in August 2002, Ned pursued revenge against Sonny Corinthos by financing Faith Roscoe’s plans. This included bringing Ric Lansing to town and giving him some legal business as a cover. When Ned’s daughter, Brooke, came to live with him, Ned pulled out of his plans with Ric and Faith.
Brooke Lynn Ashton
Brooke grew up in Bensonhurst with her mother and the Cerullo family, but started to go a little wild at her first year in Colombia University. When she failed out of her second semester, Lois and Ned arranged for her admission to PCU and for her to move to Port Charles to be with her father. Brooke is really unhappy. In Books 1 & 2
Dillon Quartermaine
Dillon moved to Port Charles in March and immediately struck up friendships with the Jones kids, Maxie, Georgie and their cousin, Lucas. He and Georgie have been dating for about a month. Ned depends on Dillon to play go-between with Brooke.
Tracy Quartermaine
After dropping Dillon in Port Charles to stay with family, Tracy returned to New York to take over a subsidiary of ELQ there. She goes back and forth, spending more and more time with her sons in Port Charles.
Justus Ward
Justus left Port Charles in the summer of 1999 and joined a law firm in Philadelphia where he married and had a daughter. When Sonny and Jason need a new lawyer, he’s their first call.
Lois Cerullo
After her divorce from Ned, Lois returned to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, to focus on building L&B Records there. She manages several high profile acts and has little time for her daughter, so when Brooke gets into trouble, it seems like a good time for to be with Ned.
Alan Quartermaine
Alan doesn’t practice a lot of medicine these days since he is usually preoccupied with being Chief of Staff.
Emily Quartermaine
After finishing rehab which restored her ability to walk, Emily began an accelerated program at UCLA where she still remains. She is planning to return to General Hospital in the fall to begin her internship.
Tamika Robinson-Ward
After agreeing to move to Port Charles with her husband, Justus, so he can work for Jason and Sonny, Tamika encourages her younger sister, Portia, to join her so they can open a branch of their clothing store in town. She and Justus have a daughter, Kimani, whom they call Kimi. In Book 3
Portia Robinson
Portia, a fashion designer, moved to Port Charles with her sister, Tamika, and began dating Marcus Taggert. In Book 3

The Jones Family

Felicia Jones
Felicia has been out of town most of 2003 since her beloved grandmother fell ill. She’s struggling with the distance from her children and is making plans to return.
Georgie Jones
Georgie has always been in her sister’s shadow, but things are picking up. She just graduated from Port Charles High School and has been dating Dillon Quartermaine for a few weeks.
Maxie Jones
Maxie just finished her freshman year at Port Charles University and has been dating Kyle Radcliffe for several months, even though everyone in her life loathes him.
Tony Jones
Tony continues to work in neurology at General Hospital, though he is no longer a surgeon. He focuses on his son, Lucas.

The Hospital Staff

Patrick Drake
Patrick Drake is in the first year of his fellowship at General Hospital, studying blood clots in the brain. He is the son of long ago resident, Noah Drake.
Gail Baldwin
Gail continues to work at the hospital as a psychologist specializing in women and children. She and Lee enjoy their grandchildren and fret over Scott.
Kevin Collins
Kevin specializes in trauma psychology at General Hospital and his personal life is a bit rocky. He has recently separated from Lucy while his daughter, Livvie, has left Port Charles for New York City.


Trevor Lansing
Trevor Lansing is Ric’s father and the lawyer for Anthony Zacchara, a member of the crime syndicate that runs the East Coast.
Olivia Falconieri
Olivia is a long-time family friend of the Cerullo family where she and her siblings grew up with Lois and Sonny in Bensonhurst. Her son, Dante, has moved to Port Charles with his cousin, Vinnie.
Kyle Radcliffe
Kyle is Maxie’s boyfriend and a junior at Port Charles University studying pre-med. He’s a screw-up trying to do better, but finds himself constantly running afoul of Maxie’s friends.
Felix DuBois
Felix is a nursing student at Port Charles University who is friends with Lucas Jones.
Jasper Jacks
Jax is one of Ned Ashton’s closest friend. He recently broke off relationships with Skye Chandler-Quartermaine and Brenda Barrett and finds himself at loose ends.
Anthony Zacchara
Anthony Zacchara is a member of the Five Families crime syndicate that controls the East Coast and is a low-key rival of Sonny Corinthos.