Official Timeline

This story officially begins after the encephalitus virus storyline in 2006. If it’s been a while since you were acquainted with that time period on GH, let me briefly recap the situation on the show and what, if any, changes I’ve made.

Lucky and Elizabeth married in early November 2005, and then took a train to New York to begin their honeymoon. Most of Port Charles’ residents were on board the train for some reason. Manny Ruiz caused the train to crash, and Lucky was severely injured. At the same time, Jason was going through a brain issue that caused him to lose his memories for a time. Sam reached out to first Robin to take over Jason’s case, and Robin brought Noah Drake and his son, Patrick, to Port Charles.

Manny Ruiz held the operating room hostage during Jason’s surgery, and was then arrested. A brain tumor was discovered and Manny ended up going free for his crimes, which were numerous at that point, including kidnapping Elizabeth briefly in October. Alexis and Ric took on his case, which did not endear them to anyone, and then the hospital hired him as a janitor just before the virus hit.

Nikolas and Emily divorced after her rape by Connor Bishop led Nikolas to having an affair with Courtney. Emily was a bit lost and sad, and went to stay at Greystone, taking care of Michael and Morgan.  During this time, she had brief crush on Sonny, and may people around them were worried that Sonny and Emily were considering a relationship. Carly had a breakdown and ended up stabbing Emily and causing a car accident which led to Elizabeth miscarrying the surrogate child she was carrying for Jax and Courtney. Carly went to Rose Lawn for help, then was released (as Laura Wright) in December.

During the virus, Elizabeth worked along side Robin, Patrick, and other GH staff to care for Port Charles’ citizens. Sam, her brother Danny, Courtney, Robin, and Sonny fell ill with the virus while Jason and Carly went on a search to find a vaccine that would help people survive. He worked with Elizabeth to get the vaccine into the hospital when they were stopped by authorities. Tragically, Courtney and Danny McCall both died from the virus.  Carly decided to dedicate herself to the baby Courtney left behind, and pursued a relationship with Jax.


That’s the situation on the show as it was at the end of February 2006. The only change I’ve actually made is Lucky’s story during the virus. On the show, he was kidnapped and taken to the Maarkham Islands, then infected with the virus. Jason and Carly rescued him, and he came home to recover. In this story, he was sick with the virus and got into a car accident, ending up at General Hospital with a back injury. A note to keep in mind — Lucky was shot in early 2005, in a coma, and had a stroke before he and Elizabeth got back together offically and moved in together in mid 2005. They argued bitterly over her surrogacy, and only reunited after she lost the baby.

I also changed the way Sam discovered the truth about her mother — I know she found out relatively quickly between March and April 2006, but I’ve just moved up the timeline a bit more and made it less of a mystery.