Elizabeth Webber

Elizabeth Spencer

Elizabeth married her childhood sweetheart, Lucky, in November and looked forward to raising her son together as a family. But from the moment they exchanged their vows, life has been a roller coaster and Lucky has been in and out of the hospital ever since. Her fairy tale romance has descended into deep unhappiness, and the light at the end of the tunnel feels further away than ever.

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

After recovering his memories and finding the vaccine that saved the town during the encephalitis outbreak, Jason turns his attention to supporting his fiancee, Sam, through the death of her beloved younger brother and the revelation that she’s adopted and making sure Manny Ruiz can’t hurt anyone else he cares about.

Lucky Spencer

Lucky Spencer

Since his coma and stroke early in 2005, Lucky has been plagued with one disappointment after another. Arguing with Elizabeth about her surrogacy, being impaled by a pole in the train accident, and a car accident that re-injured his back — Lucky wants to get back to work and get his life back on track and doesn’t care what he has to do to get it done.

Sam McCall

She fought hard to get Jason’s memories back and survive the encephalitis virus that decimated Port Charles, but Sam’s world careens out of control when her brother dies and she learns that she was adopted. Just when she should be able to depend on Jason for support, he’s nowhere to be found and Sam is left alone to answer the question: Who is Sam McCall?

Sonny Corinthos

After recovering from the encephalitis virus, Sonny embarked on a secret affair with his best friend’s younger sister. Sonny and Emily know that many in Port Charles won’t approve of their relationship, but Sonny’s never looked for anyone’s blessing before.

Emily Bowen-Quartermaine

After the heartbreak of her husband’s affair a year ago, Emily finally feels happy again even though she knows no one will understand or approve, but Emily is so busy hiding her affair that she’s missing out on what’s going on in the lives of the people she loves.

Bobbie Spencer

Bobbie Spencer

After Bobbie lost her ex-husband to the virus, Bobbie doubles down to look after the people she has left — her children, Lucas, and Carly as well as Luke’s kids — since Luke can’t be bothered.

Epiphany Johnson

Epiphany is in charge of the post-operation unit at General Hospital and runs the department like a well-oiled machine. No one messes with Epiphany.

Patrick Drake

Firmly installed as the one of the best doctors at General Hospital and not screwing up his relationship with Robin too badly, Patrick decides to give friendship with a woman a try.

Robin Scorpio

Back home in her old stomping grounds, Robin is happy with her job, happy with her relationship, but less happy at watching her friends make mistakes. You know Robin can’t stop herself from doing what she thinks is wrong.

Carly Corinthos

After the death of her best friend during the virus, Carly throws all her love and energy into supporting Courtney’s son, John, which means getting closer to his father, Jax. But don’t worry — Carly still has time to interfere in Jason’s life.

Audrey Hardy

Audrey is devoted to her granddaughter and great-grandson, baby-sitting as often as she can, but Audrey still has very specific ideas for how Elizabeth should live her life and doesn’t mince words when informing her.

Skye Chandler-Quartermaine

Excited and still in disbelief that she’s finally pregnant with her miracle baby, Skye is determined to be the best mother possible even if she isn’t sure about the father of her child and the danger that comes from being with Lorenzo Alcazar.

Manny Ruiz

Manny Ruiz

Since his brain tumor allowed him a second chance, most of Port Charles is still holding their breath — particularly the mobsters who are sure Manny still wants revenge for the death of his father and brother. But Manny has another target in mind.

Jesse Beaudry

Jesse Beaudry

As a committed brother in blue, Jesse is devoted to his job and the officers he works with. He’ll support Lucky as his partner and friend, no matter what.

Luke Spencer

No one would call Luke the best of fathers, but he does his best by his kids — even if it means getting out of the way because when Luke does try to help, he only makes things worse.

Maxie Jones

Maxie is dating Jesse. So…she’s in the story. That’s all I got.

Lulu Spencer

Lulu has been in Greece with her brother, Nikolas, helping him recover from Courtney’s death. When she returns to Port Charles, it’s to find that another brother is in crisis, and Lulu is way too young for this crap.

Mac Scorpio

Mac Scorpio

Mac likes to think he’s a fair man who treats everyone with respect. But he’s certainly wearing rose-colored glasses about what makes a person good — and how to use the power of the PCPD responsibly.