I’ve been a haphazard GH viewer for the majority of the last decade — I think those of us who are dissatisfied can probably agree the quality of the writing has taken a real nose dive and hasn’t improved in the better part of a decade. It’s watchable now — but I don’t want my soaps just to be something I can sit through without cringing. I want them to be something I look forward to, be on the edge of my seat for.

I had taken a break from GH after the Jake Doe lie was revealed in 2015 because I was really unhappy with how Elizabeth was written at the end of that story and the villain edit she was getting. I tuned back in when I learned Steve Burton was returning because I knew they were bringing him back as Jason. For most of September and October, with a few minor issues, the show was not just watchable, it was good. I was drawn into the twin story and the revelation of Drew Cain. I was eager to see Billy Miller digging into a new character — I had enjoyed him so much more as Jake Doe and didn’t find him a great fit for Jason Morgan.

And then the story stopped being about Jason and Drew, and we were introduced to the horror show of Peter August. From about that point on, I knew I’d have to rewrite the story. Fool Me Twice started as Flash Fiction series that I have now expanded into this trilogy.


This book is dedicated to Jason Morgan fans because we deserve better.