This is a relatively exhaustive list of characters featured in Fool Me Twice, particularly in Book 1. It’s organized by groups — families & friends, but I might switch it some point to alphabetical order or like main versus supporting, but it’s almost 50 characters so I wasn’t sure the best way to organize it. I’ll also eventually write character descriptions at some point, but again — there’s like 49 characters, LOL.

Morgans, Webbers, and Friends

Jason Morgan


Elizabeth Webber

Cameron Webber

Jake Webber

Aiden Webber

Damien Spinelli

Monica Quartermaine

Scott Baldwin

Trina Robinson

Griffin Munro

Felix DuBois

Franco Baldwin

Cains, Davis, and Friends

Jason Morgan/Andrew Cain


Sam Morgan

Oscar Cain/Nero

Alexis Davis

Kristina Davis

Molly Davis

TJ Ashford

Curtis Ashford

Jordan Ashford

Danny Morgan

Kim Nero

Corinthos & Friends

Sonny Corinthos


Carly Corinthos

Michael Quartermaine

Jocelyn Jacks

Max Giambetti

Nelle Benson

Dante Falconieri

Ava Jerome


Anna Devane


Robert Scorpio

Robin Scorpio-Drake

Patrick Drake

Maxie Jones

Nathan West

Emma Scorpio-Drake

Spencers & Cassadine

Helena Cassadine


Victor Cassadine

Laura Spencer

Valentin Cassadine

Andre Maddox

Nina West-Cassadine

Charlotte Cassadine

Luke Spencer

Lucky Spencer

Britta Westbourne

Joseph Klein