In Progress Stories

On this page, you will find my in progress series — projects that require more than one book to tell the full narrative. I have two more projects that have planned sequels (A Few Words Too Many & Bittersweet) that will probably end up here at some point. I try to write the books as close together as possible, but some of the topics I tackled in Mad World and Broken Girl required me to reset and take a rest mentally.

One of my favoring things about writing soap opera fanfiction is creating these densely packed worlds full of characters are who are in and out of each other’s lives, changing and growing over a period of a year. It’s what I miss most about watching General Hospital. I hope you enjoy these stories as much I as enjoyed writing them.

Mad World

Book One: Break Me Down (Completed 5 Dec 2018)
Set in June 2003. Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan walked away from each other in the fall of 2002 and have built new lives for themselves. Elizabeth is recently married to Sonny Corinthos’ half-brother, Ric Lansing, while Jason is on the brink of marrying Sonny’s sister, Courtney Matthews. To everyone around them, it looks as though their brief romance is a relic of the past.

Then Carly Corinthos goes missing on the eve of Jason’s wedding, and everyone knows that Ric Lansing is behind her kidnapping. How did he do it and where is he hiding Carly? Jason reluctantly allows Elizabeth to help him in his search as Sonny fends off the PCPD who don’t seem that concerned with Carly. Can they find Carly before Ric can carry out his revenge? Or before it costs one of them their life?

Book Two: All of Me (Completed 11 Nov 2019)
Set July 2003. Jason and Elizabeth are trying to put the last year behind them and look towards the future. As Elizabeth slowly recovers physically and emotionally from her marriage to Ric, she and Jason begin to build a life together.

A serial rapist is stalking Port Charles, leaving his young victims near park fountains in a violent echo of Elizabeth’s own rape years earlier. Elizabeth believes her attacker is safely locked away, but Jason is keeping a secret that could destroy her hard-won security.

Then, the rapist strikes close to home — a daughter of one of the leading families in Port Charles. Is Elizabeth’s rapist still out there? Can the PCPD find him before he strikes again?

Book Three: This Is Me (Completed 6 October 2020)
Set in November 2003. The park rapist has been arrested, but he thinks he has a get out of jail free card — pointing to the recent corruption scandals at the PCPD to argue he’s been framed.

To make sure he goes away and his victims get justice, Scott Baldwin and Marcus Taggert have one more favor to ask of Elizabeth Webber — testify in a federal hearing to keep the department out of trouble — and to prevent her boyfriend, Jason Morgan, from testifying about a somewhat shady trip made to coerce the truth out of Tom Baker.

She won’t be alone — Dante Falconieri has a tape of his cousin confessing — but the contents of that tape compounds the misery for Elizabeth as well as for grieving parents Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo. Taking the stand against his family will lead Dante lead down a path from which there is no return and might cost him everything.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ric Lansing has disappeared without a trace, bringing back memories of last summer for Elizabeth and Carly Corinthos. Carly reluctantly returns home to husband, Sonny, but her nightmare is only just beginning.

Book Four: Liberty (Coming October 2021)
The city of Port Charles weathered many scandals and tragedies in 2003 — from the nearly tragic kidnapping of Carly Corinthos and attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber to the serial rapist that stalked the city for months, leaving victims broken and shattered in his wake. The PCPD, having sworn to protect the city, faltered when they learned one of their own was the villain all along.

A few months later, the city tries to recover but they should be careful what they wish for. Ric Lansing still haunts the dreams and memories of the people he damaged — has he really left Port Charles behind for good?

Dante Falconieri breaks under the weight of family secrets and his own weaknesses. Kelsey Joyce wants to find out who murdered her father—no matter what the cost. Carly Corinthos just wants to move on with her life and keep her family safe. And Elizabeth Morgan wants to forget that Ric Lansing ever existed as she awaits the birth of her son.

It’s time close the book on this mad, mad, mad world.

For the Broken Girl

Book One: Reflections of You (Completed June 2020)
Set in 2006. Jason and Elizabeth are both in committed, if unhappy, relationships; any thought of romance long since tucked away. They’re barely even friends these days. That all changes when psychopath Manny Ruiz starts work at the hospital and appears to stalk a pregnant Skye on her visits.

Worried, Elizabeth turns first to Lucky who tells her the PCPD can’t do anything without a report of a crime. With nowhere left to turn, Elizabeth asks Jason for help. Sonny and Emily’s affair explodes in the tabloids at the same time Lucky is struggling with a back injury that sidelines him from his career.

In this perfect storm of disaster, tragedy, and scandal, Jason and Elizabeth soon fall into old habits, leaning on each other for support, and realizing that some things can’t be denied.

Book Two: Out of the Dark (Coming May/June 2021)
Set in 2006. Elizabeth Webber has never been happier. She’s finally walked away from her toxic marriage and filed for divorce. She’s working at a job she loves, raising the perfect little boy, enjoying her friends and family, and reveling in the love a man who loves every single part of her—even her flaws. With her estranged husband in rehab, Elizabeth can focus on herself for a change.

Then Lucky returns, sober and begging for another chance. His friends and family are eager to blame the drugs for his abuse and violence, and turn on Elizabeth for not being more understanding. The PCPD don’t respect her restraining order and make excuses when Lucky violates it.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to look back anymore—she’s finally living a life without regrets and planning a new future. She’s willing to pay any price to protect it—and it just might cost her everything.

Fool Me Twice


Fool Me Twice

Book 1: Ricochet (Coming February 2021)
In October of 2017, the city of Port Charles is stunned when a man with Jason Morgan’s old face shows up at the Aurora Media re-launch party claiming to be the infamous enforcer. Though his identity is quickly proven to be true, the city will never be the same.

Drew Cain has a new name and new face, but none of his old memories. He’s living Jason’s life with Jason’s wife, raising Jason’s children. Who is he? Where did he come from? Jason Morgan has been gone for five years and nothing is the way he thought it would be. His wife has moved on — with a man she thought was him. His dead son has been miraculously resurrected and another son has been identified as his own.

Jason and Drew must learn to work together to find out who stole their lives and put their families in danger. They’re not the only patients with memory issues — if Jason is Patient Six — well, who were the first five?

Someone has to pay for the lives destroyed by the twin swap and memory experimentation, but in Port Charles, sometimes it’s hard to tell friend from foe.

Book Two: Ashes to Ashes (Coming January 2022)

Synopsis Coming Soon

Book Three: Untitled (Coming June 2022)

Synopsis Coming Soon