Flash Fiction – The Return of Fluffy 2012 Liason!

Your Update Link: Darkest Before the Dawn, Part 9

I’m excited to get back into my Flash Fiction routine! I had truly meant to update at 10 AM this morning and I was all ready, but, heh, I made the mistake of texting mom and asking her to call me when she was up beause I had a question and was too lazy to text. She called me at 9:15 AM, and well, if you know my mom, you understand why I didn’t start the timer until 10:30 AM. ANYWAY.

I’m feeling way more like myself — last was night was the best night of sleep I’ve had in over a week, and I can’t wait to spend most of the afternoon writing Mad World. I’m going to miss my August 3 deadline for the first draft, but that’s okay — it doesn’t change my Oct 6 release at all and Patreons are still getting the first 532 pages on August 1 & 2 so we’re all working out. I was working on the final chapters yesterday, realized I needed one more chapter and decided that I could either just add it or now or add it in revisions. Either way – I’d have to spend time with it so better to get it out of the way now.

I’m also working my way through an initial round of brainstorming for the Everlasting Love revisions, and I hope you guys are okay if I make big changes — the main storyline will still be the same in the sense that Liason are childhood sweethearts reunited after misunderstandings and stolen letters with Ric as the bad guy — but other elements are going to change. That’s one of the beauties of a first draft — you can find the pieces that work and chuck what doesn’t.


  • Glad you are feeling better! I really enjoyed the ride for Everlasting Love but wished some details had been fleshed out a little better. But that’s not the goal of flash fic so I’m looking forward to any revisions you make, especially since you mentioned it kinda veered off course a little from your original idea. Interested to see how it morphs! Excited for MW! Have a great day!

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