Ficlets (0-1499 Words)

In my ficlet section, you’ll find stories that are between 1-1500 words long. These are usually brief character sketches or stories with one scene or two.

So what does the term ficlet mean? In most genre fiction, a story of this length would be called flash fiction, but in the Liason fanfiction world, we have actual flash fiction, which were timed events. I didn’t want anyone to think all of these stories were included under that.

I’ve arranged the stories in chronological order, going in reverse order beginning with the most recent story. Alternate Universe stories are set at the very bottom.

Alternate History

Blood Will Tell
Set circa 2019. After Jake finds out his father is not the man married to Sam, but someone else entirely, he sets out to figure out his family once and for all. And Elizabeth takes his results to Sam.
Dirty Work
Set March 2018. Elizabeth has overheard a secret Sam is keeping from Drew. She’s promised herself not to keep any more secrets, but should she get involved? She turns to the only person who might be able to help: Carly Corinthos.
Ghosts of Elizabeths Past
Set October 9, 2017. After Franco asks Elizabeth to lie about the photograph and Jason’s twin brother.
Cast Me Gently
Set August 2015. After Luke and Lucky bring Jake home, Elizabeth has an eerie dream visitor. (Character Sketch)
A Line In the Sand
Set August 2015.Terrified by the lengths Nikolas will go to protect his stock in ELQ, Elizabeth comes clean. (Dialogue Fic)
I Love The Way You Lie
Set Spring 2014. Elizabeth ruminates about the lies you tell others and the ones you tell yourself. (Character Sketch)
The Things You Can’t Undo
Set February 14, 2014. Between Elizabeth’s confrontation with Britt and Nikolas’s arrival home. (Episode Tag)
A Matter of Respect
Set Late 2007. Cooper Barrett has a request to make of Sonny. (Character Sketch)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Set 2007. Patrick prepares to make an important decision regarding the woman in his life. (Romance)
Bad Taste
Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth learns the kind of man the father of her child is. (Drama)
Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth decides to let Sam and Nikolas know exactly what she thinks of their hypocrisy. (Drama)
Set 2006. A sister grieves. (Character Sketch)
Two Strikes
Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth confides in Patrick to his chagrin. (Fluff)
Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Set 2006. Carly sees something no person should ever see. She should learn to knock. (Fluff)
Set Spring 2006. Why did Robin think Patrick had made a bet to sleep with her? (Episode Tag)
Sliding Doors
Set Winter 2006. Patrick Drake and elevators are a dangerous combination. (Romance)
Set Winter 2006. Diego Sanchez thinks about Georgie in jail.
Life Goes On
Set July 2004. Jason finds comfort after Lila’s death.
This Is The Day
Set 2004. Elizabeth makes a decision.
Set February 2004. Elizabeth won’t walk away from Jason when he’s in trouble. (Episode)

Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe. Elizabeth hits on Jason while working at Kelly’s.
Murphy’s Law
Alternate Universe. Elizabeth is stopped for speeding by an officer of the law. (Flash)
He’s Got Your Hair
Alternate Universe. What can go wrong, will go wrong. Follow up to Murphy’s Law. (Flash)
Home For Christmas
Alternate Universe. Jason is an FBI agent trying like hell to get home for his daughter’s first Christmas. (Song)