Once a upon a time, in August 2002, I wrote my first Jason and Elizabeth story called Deserving. And then I decided to rewrite in the most asinine fashion–it became The Sisters and has sat on this site for many many years gathering dust while I stared at it, wishing it were a person I could punch. I know I’m usually pretty hard on my older stuff, but this particular piece is particularly putrid and I’ve known it since the beginning.

I’ve always had a yen to go back to the summer of 2002 before the Jason and Elizabeth storyline went off the rails, before Brenda’s return decimated all the other storylines, before Courtney turned into whatever the hell they decided she was going to be. So really, my inspiration comes from just wanting to fix the worst rewrite I ever did. I actually don’t even have the original version of Deserving, which makes me sad. Pieces of it survived into The Sisters: Sweet Revenge, but not the good pieces–if those ever existed. I just lifted scenes rather than attempting to actually rewrite it. I can’t…understand what I did back then.

Bittersweet is my attempt to rewrite Jason’s return in 2002 while using a lot of the same beats that the show did: Courtney, Alcazar, Zander, and Carly’s accident. I’m actually happy with how many parallels I was able work in while writing a deeper, richer, and more complex story about these characters and the history they share.


To anyone who was reading at The Canvas in the summer of 2002.

I started posting there in late July, having fallen in love  with Jason and Elizabeth while recovering from foot surgery.  I’ve been writing fanfiction since then — half my life!  Those original readers who responded to Deserving and  anything else I wrote are the reason I kept writing.