Elizabeth Webber

After her disastrous wedding and the end of her relationship with Lucky, Elizabeth teamed up with Gia Campbell to take back her life and start over. She’s working hard to finish her degree, not taking crap from anyone — and enjoying her single life. Until Carly’s accident brings Jason back to town.

Jason Morgan

After Carly’s accident, Jason learns he’s Michael’s guardian which throws him into another custody battle, facing off with his brother, AJ. His return to Port Charles also brings him back to Elizabeth.

Sonny Corinthos

Sonny has been alone since his divorce from Carly, concentrating on his business and his own life for a change. When Jason returns, Sonny looks forward to having his partner back for as long Jason will stay.

Gia Campbell

Gia’s broken up with Nikolas and taken on the role of making sure Elizabeth doesn’t lie to herself anymore. But she’s new at this being a better person thing and will probably screw it up.

Bobbie Spencer

Even as the rest of the Spencers tried to convince Elizabeth to give Lucky more time to get his memories back, Bobbie stood by Elizabeth and welcomed her into the Brownstone family. Carly’s fatal car accident — the loss of another child — devastates her.

Courtney Quartermaine

Courtney knows AJ married her to get leverage on Sonny — she’s not as dumb as she looks. But he’s a good man and she loves him. She even thinks he loves her. So she’ll stand by him — even if it brings her into conflict with her best friend, Elizabeth.

AJ Quartermaine

AJ’s sobriety is still new, but he finally has a chance to be with his son. This time — he’s going to handle it right and put Michael first, no matter what Jason thinks.

Michael Benson

At barely five years old, Michael has been on a roller coaster since the day he was born. He’s moved every year of his life and recently lost his third father figure.

Zander Smith

Since Jason left town, Zander’s been free to rise up in the ranks of Sonny’s organization and he’s finally up for a promotion that will put him in charge of a lot of money. But Jason doesn’t like him, and Zander isn’t going to let himself be pushed around. Not again.

Edward Quartermaine

He’s determined to prove that Grandfather Knows Best — after all, AJ’s never managed to succeed at anything in his whole life. Some things are too important to let idiots handle them.

Lucky Spencer

Angry at the world since his last brainwashing, Lucky hates everyone. And enjoys taking that anger out on all people.

Emily Bowen-Quartermaine

After recovering in Arizona, Emily left for college and medical in California.

Luis Alcazar

A character description might give away his plans — but he has patience and an eye for the long-game.

Lucas Jones
Alan Quartermaine
Nikolas Cassadine
Sarah Webber
Carly Benson