After walking out on a disastrous wedding and unhappy relationship, Elizabeth Webber promised herself a fresh start. She moved into Bobbie’s Brownstone with Gia Campbell as an unlikely ally, and befriended AJ Quartermaine’s new wife and Sonny Corinthos’ long-lost sister, Courtney Matthews.

When Carly Corinthos goes missing after a car accident at Vista Point, Jason Morgan is forced to return to Port Charles, testing Elizabeth’s resolve to put all her bad decisions behind her. AJ begins to plan for a custody battle for Michael Benson which pits brother against brother, and putting Elizabeth right in the middle.

Bittersweet rewrites the return of Jason Morgan in the spring of 2002, exploring his relationships with Elizabeth Webber, Carly Benson, and Sonny Corinthos. It is the first of two stories that takes on the menace and malice of Luis Alcazar, a man determined to destroy Sonny Corinthos at all costs. Its sequel, Malice, is due out in 2023.

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